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Kinesio Taping:  KT3

April 22, 2017

For information, call 601-364-3550

To register go to www.kinesiotaping.com

KT3 – Clinical Concepts and Advanced Taping Methods

(Must have completed KT1-KT2 at least 3-weeks prior to attending KT3 and attendees who qualify will get 8 CEU’s at course completion)

§  8-hour course

§  combines KT1 and KT2 coursework

§  features lab sessions to practice Kinesio Taping® Method applications

§  covers some of the more advanced techniques of the Kinesio Taping® Methods

§  can be tailored to specific conditions, professions or applications by each instructor

§  upon completion, attendees will be eligible to take the Certified Kinesio Taping® Practitioner exam

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