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Published on July 31, 2001
Jim Albritton
Health and Research News Service

JACKSON, Miss.—Sandra Walker, director of volunteer services at Methodist Rehabilitation Center in Jackson, has been named the Mississippi representative to the board of directors of the Southeastern Directors of Volunteer Service in Hospital Organizations (SDVSHO).

SDVSHO selects one person from each southeastern state to be on its board of directors each year.

Walker, of Madison, has worked at MRC for five years. Before becoming the director of volunteer services, she worked for the Wilson Research Foundation, which provides grants for brain and spinal cord injury research at MRC and other research institutions. Walker said she took the job as volunteer director at MRC because of her lifelong interest in volunteering.

“I’ve been doing it my whole life,” she said. “This looked like something I would really enjoy doing and I have. Everyday, I work with dedicated volunteers who help patients and staff in the hospital and it’s a joy.”

As a member of SDVSHO, Walker will work with other state representatives, sharing ideas and information about volunteering. “It’s like any other professional organization. If I’ve dealt with something someone else hasn’t dealt with, they can call me for advice and I can do the same with others. “It’s just a way to share with someone who understands what you’re going through,” she added.