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Now I Can ... keep going.

“You do what you have to do.”

That’s the attitude J. Carmen Arevalo took when he was told his leg needed to be amputated after it was crushed in an on-the-job accident.

And it’s the mantra he adhered to as he learned to walk again with an above-the-knee prosthesis from Methodist Orthotics & Prosthetics. And one he repeated as he continued to amaze his caregivers at Methodist Outpatient Therapy.

“I’ve seen very few people at any age with his type of injury do what he can do,” said his physical therapist Karen Klein.

At 60, Arevalo is thankful he can remain independent and continue to do household chores like yard work. And he says it’s thanks to the people at MRC.

“Everyone is so nice and good at their jobs,” he said. “They do everything they have to do to make you better.”

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