How to be an observer at MRC

ATTN: Applications are being accepted for our Fall Session. A limited number of slots are available.

Methodist Rehabilitation Center and its affiliates receive frequent requests from students and professionals seeking opportunities to observe health care providers as they care for patients or perform their day-to-day duties within our hospital, clinics and long-term care facility. In support of our commitment to career development, education and training of health care professionals, we make every effort to provide individuals with observation experiences in various departments.

In order to participate in the experience, observers must:

  • Complete the Observation Hours Program Agreement (for 20 and older) or the Observation Hours Program Agreement (for high school students ages 17-20), the Confidentiality Agreement and Acknowledgement of Receipt that includes the policies for dress code, patient/resident responsibilities, and infection control.
  • Be age 20 or older, or currently in high school aged 17-20.
  • Provide one Letter of Reference.
  • Provide proof of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) or documentation of a two-dose vaccine series.
  • Have a negative TB screening completed within the last 12 months.
  • Proof of seasonal influenza vaccination is required during established influenza season timeframes (October 1 – March 31).

This educational experience is for observation only; no hands-on contact is permitted with any patients/residents.

Important information for observers

Many rules and regulations must be followed to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and hospital accreditation standards as well as ensure the safety of patients/residents, staff, volunteers and guests.

  1. All required documents must be submitted to the volunteer office prior to your anticipated observation start date. We highly recommend that required documents are submitted as one packet. Partial applications could result in the approval delays.
  2. Because of the high volume of requests received each year, Methodist Rehabilitation Center will accommodate requests to observe based on available opportunities.
  3. The observer must complete and submit all documentation before the observation experience begins. (Two weeks before the experience begins is appropriate timing).
  4. If you require any additional information or are ready to begin the process of your observation experience, please contact 601-420-7769 or