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What patients and families say about Methodist Rehabilitation Center

“Our fervent prayers were answered when we were both blessed with rehabilitation at MRC. Never in my life have I experienced such excellence. They not only assisted and instructed us in what would lead to our recovery, but they explained how each effort worked for our good. They could do that because they knew and understood the reasons – due in no small measure to MRC’s own research program. My wife, sons and I are eternally grateful.”

“I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else that could do all that Methodist has done for me. I’m lucky that God put the best people ever in front of me.”    

  • Nancy Smith, who underwent a rare complete hip disarticulation/amputation to save her life, and is walking again thanks to the expertise of MRC research, therapy and prosthetics teams.  [ Read Nancy's story

"Today my son Tony graduated from Copiah Lincoln Community College.  This wouldn't have been possible without the care, treatment and love he received at Methodist Rehab."

  • Darlene Bates, mother of Tony who went through extensive inpatient and outpatient rehab.  The Bates have raised funds for MRC's Wilson Foundation through the Walk & Roll for Research.  

"Standing. That's what Nicole was doing today. Standing...on her own...for about 30 seconds.  Without assistance, without support, but on her own two feet!    Each day she gets stronger and stronger!  Her steps are still awkward, but I see more and more control as she takes more and more steps.  I arrived this morning to find Nicole in the gym, wearing those weird contraptions on her hands and boxing a balloon. It's so funny to watch, but so amazing to know that the therapists have a real method to their madness and each and everything they do has a real purpose in Nicole's recovery.   This afternoon, she spent some time in the research lab...the motion analysis lab to be exact.  She and PT Heather walked down a runway that has special sensors, and computers analyzed her gait.  It's amazing to see how they can discover where her weaknesses are so that they can focus on them.  The research done at Methodist Rehab is so important to not only Nicole's situation, but for the people who will unfortunately follow her.  The time she spends in the research lab is her small way of giving back, and paying it forward at the same time."

  • Susan Marquez, mother who journaled daily about Nicole's rehab journey after surviving a six-story fall.  Nicole was told she would never walk again.  Not only does Nicole walk, she is physically active and has a great life as a motivational speaker  

"I asked to be evaluated at Methodist Rehab. I always heard great things about the facility, the staff and the intensity of the therapy. I was certainly willing to be as intense as I needed to be because I expected a full recovery and a return to my practice. And I wanted the best shot to accomplish that."

  • Dr. Edra Kimmel, OB GYN.  Dr. Kimmel did indeed return to her medical practice and her inspiring story is featured in our Winter 2018 Ways & Means Magazine.

“I did not know Methodist Rehab existed until I needed it. They are doing great things for people that no one else can do. This is an absolutely fantastic facility.”

  •  Bruns Myers III, a quadriplegic who was among Methodist Rehab’s first patients in 1975 and later served as center chaplain in the 1990s. He passed on recently after living a VERY productive and rewarding life despite his catastrophic injury. [ Read Bruns Myers' story ]

"After suffering a stroke, my dad credited Methodist Rehab for restoring his ability to walk, so I have seen first hand the difference made by this center.  Realizing the importance to fund research and education, I am proud to live in a state that offers a place like MRC. I hope that I or those I love never need the services provided there, however, I want to do my part to ensure those services are always available." 

  • Gene Delcomyn, executive vice president of BankPlus and a member of the board of MRC's Wilson Research Foundation 

“Everyone told me how good Methodist Rehab is, and I saw how good it is, too.” 

  • Danny Beard, who recovered from a paralyzing case of Gullain-Barre’ Syndrome at Methodist Rehab. [ Read Danny Beard's story

“I had a brother-in-law in a racing car accident 25 years ago that was hit so hard it broke his leg in two places and he also had a stroke. He stayed at Methodist Rehab for five or six weeks, and he’s walking now. That impressed me.”

  • John White, who sought out treatment at Methodist Rehab after contracting Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome [ Read John White's story ]

"The voice on the phone said, 'Your son has been hit by a car and is critically injured - come as quick as you can.'  We found our son barely alive and unable to move due to traumatic brain injuries.  But after months of positive and uplifting therapy, Methodist Rehab gave my son back his life.  He is on his own and working.  Once we made the decision to come to MRC we knew we were getting the best care in the world.  The citizens of Mississippi have a treasure right here in our midst.  The good people of Methodist Rehab gave us hope.  And in an ordeal of that magnitude, hope is all you have."  

  • Sam Lane, Sr. father of Sam and chair of fundraising for MRC's Wilson Research Foundation.  [ Read Sam's story

“We begged to come to Methodist because my dad had rehabbed here after his 1998 stroke. He came in unable to even stand and walked out on a cane.”

  • Judy Packer, who made sure her mother was transferred to Methodist after she sustained a brain injury in a fall. [ Read Marjorie Taylor's story ]

“People wanted to send him to Memphis or Little Rock. But we went to Methodist Rehab because they were determined to make him walk. The therapists have done wonders.”

  • John Savage, whose son Michael came to Methodist to be fitted with a high-tech computerized prosthesis after losing his right leg and hip in an industrial accident. [ Read Michael Savage's story ]

“The case worker for his Worker’s Comp insurance suggested Methodist Rehab, and he consistently got better from the moment we got here.”

  • Norma McNair, whose husband Mike overcame paralysis and regained the ability to walk after being crushed by an 800-pound pine tree. [ Read Mike McNair's story]

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