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Financial Assistance Policy

MRC Financial Assistance Policy Plain Language Summary

Financial Assistance

The purpose of Financial Assistance offered at Methodist Rehabilitation Center (MRC) is to provide services to low income Mississippi residents who are uninsured or underinsured and do not have adequate financial resources to pay for medically necessary services provided by MRC.  Because MRC is uniquely qualified to provide inpatient rehabilitation services, MRC limits the provision of free (no cost to patient) medical care to inpatient rehabilitation services.  Admission priority is given to patients with first time traumatic spinal cord injury and/or first time traumatic brain injury requiring inpatient rehabilitation services.  Discounted costs for uninsured or underinsured may apply to other medical services provided by MRC.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for financial assistance is based on multiple factors, including insurance coverage or other sources of payment or funding for care, financial need based on income, family size, assets, and any other factors the patient requests to be considered.  Financial need is based on Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Patients must fully comply with the application process, including completion of application, providing tax returns, W-2’s, payroll stubs, bank statements, or other proof of income applicable.

Where to Obtain Copies

MRC’s Financial Assistance policy and application are available free of charge by request.  You may contact MRC’s financial counselor at 601-364-5351 or email  The policy and application are also available below for downloading and printing.  Copies of the policy and application are also available in the MRC Admissions Office, MRC Business Office and with MRC Clinical Liaisons.

How to Apply for Assistance

A potential inpatient rehabilitation patient and/or family member may request financial assistance at the time of referral for treatment at MRC.  The patient or responsible party will then be required to complete a financial assistance application and meet with the MRC Financial Counselor.  The application must be reviewed and approved prior to patient’s admission.

Self-pay discounts may be applied for other uninsured patients not meeting criteria for financial assistance.  A discount may also be approved for insured or underinsured patients if the patient liability portion of their bill creates a financial hardship.  The patient will be required to complete a financial assistance application and submit to the MRC Financial Counselor along with supporting documentation.


Translation of the financial assistance policy, application, and this summary are available upon request from MRC Financial Counselor.

Amounts Generally Billed

A patient will not be charged more than amounts generally billed for medically necessary care to insured patients.

Contact Information and Assistance

If you have questions about eligibility, need additional information or help with the application process, contact our Financial Counselor’s office:

·       Email

·       Call MRC Financial Counselor at 601-364-5351 or 1-800-223-6672

·       Online at


MRC Financial Assistance Policy