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Now I can ... return to the spotlight

After falling six stories from the roof of her New York apartment building, Nicole Marquez woke up in the hospital on a ventilator with crushed vertebrae and other injuries. In her mind, she knew that she had worked hard for many years to reach the level of a dancer on Broadway.

“At that point, I knew what I had to do. I had to start all over again, and I was prepared to do just that,” she said.

With the motto “You Can’t Stop This Dancer,” Nicole put all she had into the rehab process, amazing her doctors and therapists. “I came to Methodist Rehab in a wheelchair, and thanks to the skilled therapists, I walked out,” she said. All the while, she encouraged the other patients to give it their all, always with a smile on her face.

Today, Nicole is back in the spotlight—doing choreography and traveling the country as a motivational speaker, inspiring audiences with her message of perseverance and hope. 

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